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Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer League Finishes

We finished our 25th summer of hosting summer leagues at Galesburg High School on this Thursday. We had 13 nites and days of girls basketball games. We hosted 75+ teams, and 84 Galesburg girls had a chance to play on a team.

I was especially pleased with the progress that our junior high and younger high school players showed. It is a great chance as many of them played 15-20 games of basketball. In many cases our younger teams were matched up playing against older teams-- junior high vs. freshmen, freshmen vs. sophs, frosh-soph vs. varsity. That can be a real challenge but we feel the competition helps them improve their games. I was especially excited to see how much our junior high players improved.

Our Gale Purple team had an outstanding summer playing, they will be excited to watch as they develop. I hope they are excited about getting out in their driveways and working on their games.

Our varsity had an up and down summer in league. We had a rash of injuries and illnesses that caused us to never be at full strength, but that helped some of other players have a chance to develop. We had a total of 16 players participate in varsity level games. While we did not get as many wins as we would like, we showed definite potential. But it will take work to develop that potential.

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