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Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Day of Games

Day 1 almost done at Chapel Hill. Allen and I right now are at Caribou Coffee to get free internet access. It is definitely a college atmosphere. Students working on assignment, and a guy at a table playing his guitar and singing. The chocolate chip cookies are not bad.

Sadly missed the Massey Family Reunion today at Middlebury Church in Hollandale. It would have been nice to catch up with all the Badgers!!

Today started with a group of the players, Allen, and I going to Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill. The people were so warm and welcoming- it is great for the girls to see adults being so cordial. The sermon topic was on "spreading the seeds." It was interesting that on the way back, we talked about the value of "spreading the seeds" in our lives in general but also within our athletic lives with our friends/teammates. Rewarding experience for sure.

We got checked in at UNC and got our schedules. Coach Allison and I are coaching the varsity and trying to get to as many other games as we can. Coach Rux is coaching a frosh-soph group, Jessica Howard working with a JV group, and Megan Young working with a freshmen team. I skipped the varsity game tonight and Andie led them to a 20 point win over Brooke Point, Va. I am betting sister Libby Derry scouted that opponent for Andie.

I got to then go to the freshmen game and the JV game. The freshmen lost to Mifflin County, Pa and the JV defeated Marlboro Academy, Va. The frosh are 0-2 but with Megan's help they keep playing hard. The JV's moved to 2-0. Marisa Miller and Dani Teel playing with the JV's, were really impressive with their attitude and hustle. It could have been easy for them to be frustrated but they were the team leaders today. They will be with the varsity the rest of the way but wanted to go back and play some with the JV too. Energy!!

The varsity went 2-0 defeating Lake Zurich, IL, and Brooke Point, Va. Andie reported they played with very good intensity tonight. Coach Rux's team lost this afternoon to a Pennsylvania,  I have not gotten results of his evening game.

Before we are done, every kid will have played at Carmachael Arena (Jordan's place) and the Dean Dome. We will have played teams from Illinois, Arizona, New York, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

I am so fortunate to have the four people coaching the girls. Coach Rux works so hard to develop the frosh-soph. Obviously I have great confidence to have Andie take the varsity and work alone with them. But it is really fun to watch Jess and Megan work with the players-- they are so good in terms of x/o's but also helping them understand how to approach the game. Fun to watch them coaching.
Cousins have to go all the way to
Carolina to play each other. They
actually guarded each other some
of the time. I told them they were
both definitely better looking than
their dads!!

The MVP's of an evening game got to have their picture
taken by the scorekeeper who is a player for Worfford

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