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Monday, July 11, 2011

Carolina- Monday

Keith Parson, who is a fan of Grinnell Style basketball and lives in Carolina ventured over for our 8:15am game at Carmichael Arena. Keith runs a blog, KP's World, which is devoted to Grinnell basketball teams. It was fun to meet him and to talk to him. He got to see a thriller. We lost by 3 points but came from 12 down. It was a great game for us, pressing and hitting threes against a good team from North Carolina. We had Rainee Sibley at the line for a 1 and 1, down 4 with 3 seconds. She made the first and then we tried to miss the second and rebound it. We were not able to do it.

Also at game one this morning, we had Paige Klinck's grandparents arrive for the 8:15am game. It was nice to see them, and I know Paige was excited to see them.

Game 2, we played a powerhouse from Arizona. I knew we were in trouble when the coach told them they had been practicing and playing since April. She said the team was both her club team and school team so she could practice unlimited amount with them. We had trouble in the first and fourth quaters but were dominating in the second and third quarters. The girls are playing with great enthusiam and effort. Unfortunately we lost by 10.

The surprise for game 2 of the was that Keith Parson's returned with his wife and his two daughters to watch the game. The girls had a picture taken with our girls and sat on the bench and helped Emma Junk with subbing. The girls plan is to come to Galesburg in the winter to build a snowman with Emma.

Our freshmen team lost to a Virginia team in the morning and then heart breaker to an Illinois team by 3 points. Our JV's beat two teams from Pennsylvania today, and remain undefeated. Our frosh-soph team beat a team from S.Carolina and lost to an Illinois team in the afternoon. They stand at 3-2.
Autographed ball. Now has Sylivia Hatchell, Roy Williams,
Lute Olson, Gary Williams, Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan,
Jim Boeheim, Tubby Smith, Jim Calhoun- all coaches of
NCAA champs. For those wondering, I have another ball
with Coach K, Dean Smith, and Roy Williams.

Keith Parson's with the Streaks.

Our two new assistant coaches.

I think our two assistants are talking over snowman strategy now.

Picture at Keenan Stadium where UNC plays football.

Outside of Roy Williams office.

Warmups in Smith Center.

Banners for UNC All-Americans.

Five NCAA Championship banners.

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  1. Thanks so much for the hospitality. You have a special team, on the court and off. I don't know if I'll be able to get out of coming to Galesburg so my daughters can build that snowman with Emma!