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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carolina 8 Games

It is nice in the summer to be able to focus more on the process and not be as concerned with the outcome. Because there are not newspaper articles and no scoring averages- it is easier for players to be focused on the team and less on individual achievement.

But that being said, it is important to do some analysis to better understand where we are at and what we need to do to get to where we want to go. 

Camp games were 4 x 8 minute quarters with the clock running. I have found that summer games tend to be about like playing about 1/2 of a real basketball game. So that gives one some perspective. 

Some stats from Allen taken during our 8 games....

59 Mangieri
48 S.Diggins
44 Lieber
29 Klinck
27 M.Diggins
24 Anderson
16 Hamilton (missed several games)
15 Sibley
12 Smith

3's Made
17 Mangieri
12 Lieber, S.Diggins
8   Klinck

Offensive Rebounds (our staple)
14 M.Diggins
13 Anderson
9  S.Diggins
8 Sibley, Jackson, Mangieri
7 Teel
6 Klinck
5 Miller, Eisele, Lieber

Total Rebounds
27 M.Diggins
24 Anderson
16 Hamilton, Jackson
14 Klinck
12 Lieber, Mangieri, S.Diggins
10 Eisele

12 Lieber
10 Mangieri
9  S.Diggins
6 Smith, M.Diggins
5 Hamilton, Anderson, Teel

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