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Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer League- Friday/Saturday

A lot of basketball being played in Wicall and Thiel Friday night and Saturday.

5:00- Varsity vs. IVC (Thiel N)
5:50- FS vs. Macomb FS (Thiel N)
7:30- FS vs. Washington FS (Thiel N)
8:20- Varsity vs. Springfield (Thiel N)

9:00am- Varsity vs. Limestone (Thiel N)
9:50am- FS vs. Prince of Peace (Thiel N)
10:40am- Varsity vs. W.Hancock (Thiel N)
11:30am- FS vs. Moline FS (Thiel S)
1:10pm- Varsity vs. U-High (Thiel N)
1:10pm- FS vs. West Hancock Fs (Thiel S)
1:10pm- Frosh vs. Prince of Peace FS (Wicall)

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