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Friday, May 13, 2011

Not to be Negative But...

I posted this yesterday and then somehow it disappeared today. So here I go again. After the Heat defeated the Celtics, the Heat had a huge celebration. LeBron James kneeled on the court and stayed while the media surrounded him for photos. To me it looked too staged. What did the rest of you think? (answer the poll on the right).


  1. I bet my house it wasn't C. Its a shame that some of our kids are learning sportsmanship from people like him.

  2. I think he was genuinely happy to beat the Celtics after they bullied just a year ago. As for the theatrics after the win, I could less about that. No way you should celebrate like you just won the finals when you beat a aged and past its prime Boston team. And nice blog by the way I follow and I'm always impressed by your work. keep it up and if you get a chance visit my blog at Peace