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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Building A Team

Scott Pioli, the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs was featured months ago in Sports Illustrated. He discussed from his background with the New England Patriots and friendship with Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox, what he has come to believe are the essentials of building a team.

"In New England we just have a hypersensitivity to distractions. Character issues can be a distraction. Selfishness can be a distraction. There are thousands of them. And they can tear down what you're trying to do."

"We don't want the best 53 players. We want the right 53 players. We want players who are dependable. We want players who are dependable in the way they go about their lives. Players who treat the parking-lot attendant right, players who talk to their teammates, players who will go about their business in practices, in their video work, in their strength and conditioning work. Dependable. Players you can depend on."

"That, Scott Pioli believes with all his soul, is what great teams should do. THEY TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER. They stand behind one another. They rely on one another."

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