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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Streaks Win Two- Great Win vs. Centennial

Streaks beat U-High 66-56 and then turned around and beat Centennial 84-74.

Streaks jumped out to 37-29 first half lead and held on for the win vs. U-High. Baylie Boyer and Tai Peachey were outstanding in our press. Emma Junk did a great job getting some steals and assists for us. Tai Peachey and Myra Diggins were great on the o-bds getting a combined 10 o-rebounds. And Tai was 7-8 from the line.

Vs. Centennial, our first half was as good as we have ever played. Centennial came into the game rated #9 in AAA. We jumped to a 33-16 first quarter lead, and a 55-36 first half lead. We hung on for a 84-74 lead. Centennial is a VERY good team. They had one loss to Sacred Heart Griffin and earlier today vs. Peoria Central.

Rebounds- Jamie Johnson 10, Myra Diggins 7, Sadee Hamilton 6
Assists- Tai Peachey 10
FT's- Tai Peachey 4-4, Jessica Howard 7-8, Jamie Johnson 8-9, Jessica Lieber 5-6, Sadee Hamilton 2-2, Paige Klinck 2-2.

It was an exciting day. We were not perfect but the girls were excited to bounce back. It was definitely fun to watch the energy the girls played with today.

Losing two games this week was not fun and not something a coach would wish for his team. But in a weird way it turns into a positive. It is not that as a coach I have ever doubted the character of our girls, but this week reinforces what I already knew. On Tuesday and Friday I had the opportunity to see what you as parents and as fans did not get to see. I got to see disappointed girls handle adversity. I see most of them in the halls of the school, and I even have four of them in classes. NONE of them seemed filled with self-pity. In practices on the days after the losses, they were all business and determined. I have experienced losing teams that have not shown this strength.

I think the key ingredients with this group is their humility and loyalty. Because of their humility, they accept personal responsibility for losses. They have an amazing desire to improve. I am really fortunate to work with a group like this. An example of their humility, their desire to get better, and their desire to support their team was with Jessica Howard in our last game. In the pregame, I mentioned to Jessica that if she did not have a shot that I thought she would be more effective with a certain move-- the fist two times she got the ball she did exactly what we had talked about. This willingness to listen and to learn is extraordinary. This is a year I wish would go on and on!!

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  1. Great post, Evan, and congrats on the Ws. Your appreciation for your team is so neat to see.