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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fans Thank You

It was great to see all of the Galesburg fans at the game on Thursday night. It makes a difference. You have no idea how satisfying it is for coaches and players during warmups to look over at the Moline stands and then at the Galesburg stands, and see twice as many Galesburg fans at the game. This group deserves this support. Our fans have always made our girls feel special. The last few years we have lost our fans- some because we did not play as hard as people were used to us playing and some because people who were fair weather fans saw us losing.

The group has worked hard to get our program back to where it was. We have had some good teams and while we have had teams play as hard as this team, we have not had any teams who have played any harder than this team. We have not had any teams who have represented Galesburg in any more positive fashion.

I would encourage all of our fans who have been coming out, to please talk up the girls. Please try to be the girls PR agents. Lets see if we can't keep growing our crowds.

Several years ago when we had a "Pack the Place" and "Senior Night" together, it was so satisfying to see the reaction of our seniors to the crowd at the game. I remember when we were in the lockeroom and the crowd was cheering at the end of the soph game, the girls all looked at each other with a sense of total disbelief. To realize so many people were willing to come see them, they were so appreciative.

Thanks- and please get even more out to see the girls!!!

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